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LIAISONS is a modern dramedy, telling the story of the affairs and relations within a family and beyond; the ongoing search for love and the various ways of getting it today.


Along its 10 episodes the series follows the love life of one famous architect with impeccable reputation (Mika, 43), her husband – former coroner, and a marriage counselor now (Tony, 48), and their family. Its numerous members are being tingled in complicated affairs, which consistently add dirty secrets and embarrassing stains to the biography of the “perfect” family. The grounds are seriously endangered. Could Mika and Tony manage to stay together, or will they indulge to the temptations, which skulk from the outer world?


LIAISONS disputes the topics of today’s marriage values, its meaning and meaningless, sex, adultery, compromise, alienation, rediscovery, and the constant search for ideal partner.


Mika is known for her conservative nature, whereas her husband Toni perceives the world rather mellow. However, in the eyes of their friends the two of them are the perfect family couple.


Everything changes when the architect finds that her husband, the marriage counselor, has an affair. Mika is really shocked, but decides to keep her cards closed. She is forced to change her “old fashioned” view about marriage and enrolls in a course for… geishas, taught by a popular sexologist, who becomes her friend.



The two of them become extremely close. Mika absorbs any advice related to the subject of how to get rid of the “bitch”. Up to the day when she finds out that her sex mentor is namely her husband’s mistress.


Imminent danger is casting shadow over Tony too. He has violated the professional ethics. He has revoked the sexologist from a notorious underground boss after a series of consultations of the couple in his office. Tony is forced to find the balance between lies in the family and defense of his personal and professional life, if these secrets get revealed.


Following their common desire to return to each other, Mika and Tony form a quiet battlefield. There are no hostages in it, but there is no mercy either. In the process of her liberation Mika falls over her new client – charismatic, temperamental and extremely jealous underground boss, whose house she is expected to furnish. Ironically, he occurs to be the sexologist’s ex-boyfriend and also a former client of Tony.


At the same time, the relations in Tony’s love affair also become complicated. Tony is entrapped in the absurd situation to look for salvation from his mistress with his wife. But Mika is no longer sure that she can stay with him. Unless, if some extraordinary circumstances bond them back together. Like, for example, one very real… corpse.


FORMAT          10 episodes; 45 min

ON AIR             2015, prime time - bTV, Bulgaria

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